Where It All Began

I never regret the day i left the safe for the un known adventure to the other side of the world only 500 dollars to my name , bagpack and a camera. I had a one way ticket to los angeles and ended up all the way to South America. I get my inspiration for photography from this far away destinations , nature and native cultures. I did travel the world almost full time for 5 years capturing beautiful moments in the jungels of jamaica and the mother land of Africa. 

While my travel might be a little different now, some things haven’t changed. I still find inspiration from the people and places I am so blessed to see and visit in the course of my work as a freelance photographer and creative artist. I’m thrilled to share every photo and every journey I embark on with you. Want to know more? Please get in touch.


The World of Suzanne Anita

Where the Discovery Never Stops

What a crazy, beautiful and simply incredible planet we live one. Fallow my travels around the world from jungels to my dear home country Finland with its magical forests.


Me and My Camera

I been taking photos for sometime now i started in 2012 when i bought my first camera after that i been capturing my travels , people and nature. Nature and photography is my biggest passion and i cant wait to create some magic with you.


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