About me part I

My name is Suzanne im 28 years young,i have my sun in scorpio and moon in libra.

I have a deep passion for exploring the planet earth and expressing myself true photography.

I did grow up in a farm in a forest, still always had those big dreams. I always felt restless in my heart and one day i desided to fallow my intuition and it did lead me to South America.

I felt home at heart. The smell of the Earth the air, the language, expressions it felt like i have been here before.

On my first solotravel i learned about life and myself more than ever before. I got in truble very often but felt always guided and that universe had my back. I travelled all the way from Los Angeles to Rio de Jabeiro , Brazil. After 5 months and those wild experienses i decided to return home.

But something inside me had changed. I felt like a new person and there was no turning back. Wild places was callin me again and i left. I dont usually countrys i travelled to but i think i travelled solo now ro 20 countrys.

I actually never tought my life would look like this.... Never.

I have also called spain my home for 5 months. So for the past 5 years the road has been my home more or less. I have learnt to love solidarity and the company of myself in those moments. I returned now home to Finland and decided to get a bit grounded. I live here in a small city with my wolfpack. I study arts and photography here.

I have always been a seeker and as much as i love travel i love to explore the world within.

I love jooga , writing my heart out , meditation, running barefeet in the forest and all kinds of slef love rituals. Mother earth and freedom has always been my biggest inspirations in life and as much as i like to sit in a cool cafe in barcelona i feel most alive in a deep forest here in the North or a evergreen jungle in costarica.

xoxo from my heart to yours

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