Dandelionlatte recepie

This was my first time trying dandelion latte, from the dandelion root I have tried to make tee from the leaf before but the root took pretty much more time to make but it turned out pertty yummy.

Its also good for cleaning the toxins from the leaver its also fights inflammation and with a ad of ginger its a very good health drink.


1 Ginger root
1 tsp honey or maple syrup 
1 sprinkle cinnamon ground 
1 turmeric root
1 tbsp roasted dandelion 

2 cups water 
plant based milk 

  1. boil the ginger, turmeric and ginger in water for 30 min

  2. strain ans discard the roots, saving the liquid. Add the liquid back to the pot with the plant milk.

  3. put in blender to make to foam on the top if you like

  4. Sprinkle cinnamon and ad honey or maple syrup for sweetener.

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