Dream journey

I want to share a little bit of my shapeshifting journey I feel specially this autumn has brought so much skin shedding that I mentioned already. From all spiritual work I have done this shamanic work feels closest to home its also a part I been denying for many years but even I been running away from it it comes always back to me always.

The drum bets lights my heart up like a language I already know so well from agent times.

I been experiencing daily dream journeys lead by my teacher Sanya.

I been visiting other dimensions, shapeshifting into she wolf, doing intense shadow work, meeting goddesses of Egypt and so much more.

What I love most about dream work and shamanism is the many layers of my reality I got to experience. Shamanic dream journeys is the most effective way to tap to the power and possibility of the subconscious mind.

In the journeys I been in my own experience changing the story for example a traumatic child hood event where I have in my dream told a other story. I have received meaningful symbols from my spirit guides even I feel my relationship to the spirit the great mystery has never felt this close.

The dream is a message what ever is a past life from Agent Egypt or just a vision of you on a buss going somewhere they all are message from the subconscious mind provided for you for a reason.

I feel equally grateful to spirit for every journey.

In shamanic perspective everything you experience is real wether its in material form or in energy, wether we experience it in normal state or in altered state.

In shamanic perspective everything you experience is real

So the shamanic archetype within the human psyche is stirring because it represents what we have lost : The connection to the Earth, to our Mother Nature , to our soul even to the sacredness.

We long for that connection and harmony, even we don't realize. It represents mystery, magic community.

It represents us being the dreamer and us to have the power to dream our life in to being.

Here is something I did wrote to my dream journal about one of my dream journeys.

" This time I feel I did dive more deep in the "fear of myself " and when the goddess isis was leading me ( she was my guide on the whole journey) I was feeling like myself again I was in this goddess body and all my fears was taken away from me I was so confident and sensual as I walked in the temple of agent Egypt. I felt no shame in any of my expressions. She did take me outside and I did see the whole Milky Way galaxy above and all the stars. I was led to a agent grave that Anubis was guarding and it showed me a grave where I did see a Egyptian Ankh symbol and its a symbol of life itself. "

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