Easy homemade Rosewater for Rituals & Beauty

You can use rose water for so many things for rituals, hair, & skin care.

All you need is -Roses I did choose to pick some wild roses but you can by organic also.

You can use fresh or dried rose petals.

Then you need water and a pot and something to strain them with.

Wild/ Organic Roses
full pot of water 

1. Clean and remove the bugs from your roses
2. Put the rose petals in a pot and cover them up with water. 
3. Cook the roses In the pot in low heat for about 30 min till the rose petals have lost all the color. 
4. strain the rose petals from the liquid and put the liquid to a jar. 
5. wait till it has cooled down and put the Rose water to a spray bottle 

If you like to use Rose water for rituals pick the roses under the full or new moon.


wolf mama

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