Energy Healing Part 1

I have gone true one of my maybe most powerful spiritual experienses this past year and shedding so many layers of skin and really meeting the darkest corners of my mind.

I went true my first tooning to reiki energy witch for me felt super intens in the most loving way.

Some may wonder what really is REIKI ?

just to keep it short.

" Reiki is a japaniese stress reduction thecnicue that promotes the bodys relaxation responses & natural healing ability. Reiki dissolves true illusions of fear and empowers your soul to reveal your loving and authentic truthfilling your entire being with love and pace so you may owercome all obstacles"

REI ( divine wisdom )

KI ( universal life force)

I felt such bond sitting in the circkle with those women, its not coinsidense that we where gathered there that eavning, there is always such power when women come together like this.

I got my first attuning i felt so much heat going true my body. The girl sitting next to me told us she felt it too , she was not sure if it came from the reiki master or me or from somewhere elese. I was nor sure eather but it felt very powerful. It was a energy that felt so familiar to me like i felt it before now it only has a nam, REIKI.

" The attunment process may be the most profoundly sacred thing on Earth. From the time of preforming the simple motions, a new healer is created - Or Awekened.

The ability to do reiki is part of the human genetic code , wired into our DNA.

The atunment turns the light in a darkened house. Reconecting capabilities once universal but now mostly lost. Reiki is a major force in the evolution of the people of this planet.

The atunments heal our broken dna , reconecting us to the ’light’ of the information that has been lost to earths people "

Under the process of atunment you are turned to a higher friguency and the divine energy your path ways are openned, by the reiki master. The energy opening allows the reiki energy to flow true your body. In my experience i felt it like a heat wave of warm energy flowing true my body.

After that eavning when i went to sleep i could still feel it but now more in a gentle paceful way.

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