Sisterhood circle - Long may we rise and howl to the moon

True history women have been sitting in circles. Sharing their wisdom, sorrow, joy, worshiping gods and doing rituals. They usually gathered in the sync of the moon. In these ancient time women would go to a red tent. It was a sacred space for women from the village to came together and nature their body when they did bleed and bond in sisterhood.



Native Americans was also using the talking circle, so much healing takes place when sitting in a circle. It reminds us of " the web of life" Its the sacred web that binds us all together.

What we do to the web - we do to ourselves. What we do to our Earth - returns to us.

If we love respect, celebrate all life our sisters and brothers it will come back to us - ten fold.

In indian tradition we are all considered as one of the creator.

 " The Circle has always been important for the Native Americans. It represents the sun, the moon, the cycle of seasons and the cycle of life, death and rebirth. 



When you attend a women circle you would notice its a very natural thing for us to gather, you will bee seen and heard as you are. its in a way like coming home.

The circle creates unity a very sacred bond amongst the women.

The miss trust and competition amongst women runs so deep all of us have experienced this in some way of our life. Thats why it is so hard for us to be vulnerable to take the gourds down.

We have been so long conditioned to compete against echother.

I remember myself from young age I could not relate with this but I didint know any other way because I had lot of insecurities, competing for men and gossiping is seen to be so normal in our society. After we awaken from this and end toxic friendship we seem to bee lot of times alone but we are not meant to live alone.

The more I started to feel worthy of love and safe relationship the more I started to attract those people. I did not believe this before.

But its so true, you will find your own tribe of women.

This is the time to create new ways to heal this wand to rise with echother to see all of us shine.

When you see a other women shine and sucseed she is doing it for all of us and you can do the same.

we need community now more than ever. We are awakening. We are remebering our roots and who we are. We create visions and dreams together. This is the shift.

we need community now more than ever. We are awakening. We are remebering our roots and who we are. We create visions andb dreams together. This is the shift.

Our own medicine is calling us we are light workers, shamansess, wise women , green witches, healers.

We bring now the medicine to the world and the mysteries and the dream of the natural world and harmony.

Long may we rise again and howl to the moon. 🌙  


Im inviting you to sit in a circle with sisters every month under the full moon or new moon.

We are pulling cards doing rituals and sharing our truth from the heart.

I belive when we speak our truth its medicine , I believe sharing visions and dreams with like minded women can change the world. Dreams are guides and the map. We need more time in nature to listen to our intuition.

You are seen and heard as you are.

here is the link to my event in September 19 in Salo Finland at my tiny home.

Hope to see you there and share this sacred space with you.

From my heart always

xoxo Wolf mama

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