Spiritual seeking or Spiritual finding?

Let me tell you something you already have all the answers in the World.

I been that spiritual seeker looking for answers and traveling to destinations where I could find some deeper meaning even all along I was carrying them inside me.

We have endless wisdom and power living inside of us.

Many of us search for things outside ourselves even we got the answers ourselves all a long.

We seek for the next retreat, workshop, guru or teacher.

Often times in our Spiritual path we create an ego identity the old ego function now in a new Cristal wrap. A spiritual Teacher will only guide you to the answers you have within already.

In spiritual seeking you put your happiness to a nother place or experience where you might be more enlightened more or have more experience more knowledge more answers.

We are so cut up in programming we only look for answers outside ourselves.

The real truth in my perspective in spirituality is we have everything in this moment.

This moment is all there is.

we are here.

Its perfection.

its divine, you are divine.

The path is about returning home to your true self.

To embody that truth.


you will be open to this beautiful mystery as it unfolds.

Everyone will be your teacher a mirror.

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