Spring cleaning for the body and soul

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

I felt for some time that my body was craving some kind of cleansing after the winter.

I was thinking to do it by myself but this was my first time, so it felt better to do it with https://www.ruohonjuuri.fi/ is Vogel fasting packet, they have wonderful organic juices for 5 days so that's why I choose them. Use my code PAASTOILU to get 10% of all normal priced products until 31.5.2020

During this winter I was going true a bit darker period in my life ( blame it on my scorpio soul ) so it led me for a while back to some emotional eating habits. Spring time is returning back the balance I felt I had lost for a while. For me juice fast is must of a mental experience and ofc also for cleaning the toxins out of the body. This is NOT at all about weight loss I would not recommend fasting for that.


so you might wonder WHY JUICE FAST?

- Your body and internal organs have an opportunity to rebuild and clean the toxins from the body

- Mental clarity improves

- Your energy increases

- You will feel more refreshed in the morning

- immunity straightened

- You experience a greater ease of movement and feel light in the body

- Taste buds clear up

- Digestive system becomes more effective and rejuvenated

- Elimination of toxins will speed up

When juice fast is not recommended?

- For young children

- Someone who is pregnant

- Older adults

- Those with weakened immune system

- Or if you have eating disorder or depression

In any case listen first of all to your body and one more time don't do it for the purpose of weight loss.

I feel for my journey the most challenging thing was not the hunger how I did expect. On the DAY 1 when I got to bed I felt hunger and had really hard time to fall asleep.

The most challenging was my mind, every time I had emotions rising I could not escape to food, my mind told me sometimes " oh I am bored " and then " should I check what I can make to eat ".

I appreciate the relationship I have with food these days and I really spend lot of time in the kitchen so that I did mis a lot more than expected.

Make also sure you do this in a safe environment and around people that supports you.

Practices that helped me true the day was Meditation, breath work, sauna , just going inward and journaling.


I had lot of energy more than other days no headache or hunger. I walked my doggo outside in nature close where I live in the spring rain and it really felt heavenly every thing did look so green and I felt more home in my body than in a long time.

I felt so one with the nature and connected to all things.

I think everyone should try this at least once.


I did break my fast with blue berry, honey and coconut yogurt. I was happy I listened to my body to stop it when I felt it was right time. This was really an eye opening experience and I might start to do this every spring.

How my days looked like


- water

- 2 dl water and "molkosan" supplement for digestion

1 tee spoon.

5-6 drops Cynara extract

2 dl pomegranate juice

- Herbal tee


- 2 dl carrot juice

2 dl vegetable broth

5 drops Cynara

- Herbal tee


2 dl pineapple juice

2 dl vegetable broth

Herbal tee

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