The North

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Pikkusyöte & Syöteiglos

I have travelled to many exotic places all over the world.

But i have skipped to explore my own home country. I always tought i can do it later or thinking " why would i go to a could place with same price i would travel to a beach destination" never eaven crossed my mind. I had created this illuson in my mind that i cant handel the cold at all.

But after years of travelleing far away , i started suddenly apriciate the beauty of my home country. The blue lakes , seasons and the mysterious deep forests.

Last year i learned to fell in love with the cold and travelled to North to visit my best friend and explored it a bit. I have also by now visited so many nationalparks here.

Like i writed before., back home we have been living in total darkness. So we decided to take a spontanious trip up to Lapland for my sisters B day

The first night we stayed in syöteiglos.

Its an iglo In Pikku syöte National park on the top of an mountain.

Its the most magical place i ever stayed in. I was so mezmerized with the beautiful snow wiew from the perfect glass wall inside the iglo. I was just watching the whole night the snow , stars in the night sky and the almoist fullmoon. It was really a experience you cant forget totally a experience.

In the night

time we left for snowshoeing in a fairytail forest with trail with , green , red, and lila lights. We did walk all the way to a Nothen light wiev point at the top of a mountain but the wether changed cuickly so we could unfortunetly not see anything. But we did see millions of stars and so much snow we have ever seen.

Next day we went skiing in the Nationalpark of syöte. In this area they have lots of activities you can do specially if you are into winter sports. We where mostly intrested to enjoy the nature , so we went cross country skiing in the beautiful winter wonderland and to take some photos ( and goofing around in the snow like kids) .

We did also go to and visit some huskys @syöteerapalvelut and

some reindears. It would have been more easy with the car because the distances are very long and there is not bublic transport everyvere but we did manage to go almost everywhere taking night trains and busses to most places.

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