The Real Awakening

I want to tell you a little messy story about my spiritual awakening and how I ended up on this path.

These rituals I practice now I have self learned I have not born to them, I did grow up close to nature surrounded with animals. I don't fallow any spiritual belief or religion, its my own the one that I feel has come to me true past life experience, exploring the world and cultures that I relate with and my Ancestors.

I have ancestors from my grandfather side from Brazil the Amazon, I always felt sense child a connection to the indigenous tribes and I have had so many dreams of them. So I always knew this day would come to me.

Some spiritual awakenings are not like in the movies when you take a trip to India and suddenly you are in to meditation yoga and full of pace and love.

I want to tell you about the real awakening the messy one the one who comes to you even you don't want to face it. When it comes its like a mirror you can't turn away from. There is lot of confusion, doubt questions. You start to question everything you been told.

At this time when my awakening came I was in my early 20s and very much living a party life, I was playing a role just to survive in this modern society I had no idea what else I could do.

I always felt different and I know there must be something else out there but at the time I did not know what.

But this day came when I could not stay in the club anymore the music suddenly felt too loud, the people there my friend's at the time I just realized suddenly that I don't relate to them anymore at all so I left the club and my friends.

I felt the freedom from walking away and I know that night that I'm not going back to that life anymore.

I spent the whole summer alone mostly just reading books and new information. I was in nature the whole day and I felt such connection to all things in my solidarity. But I was never alone I was

a part of nature and my guides started to connect with me because they knew I was now open to receive these messages.

Some days I felt crazy and wondered if anyone ever felt like this before. And if why they don't speak about it?

Some days I felt angry for the injustice in the world and just crying how can't they see this?

Some days I found pace again from the nature and I was visiting the sea a lot I felt it spoke to me.

I had dreams about South America so I booked a one way ticket there and that is where everything really began.

Traveling really was freedom for me I could now express myself without expectation and meet likeminded souls all over the world.

I was free and my heart was open there was so much to learn and most important

to unlearn.

I was lost in the right direction one a path that was only meant for me.

I trusted the universe, strangers and I was guided.

Awakenings just don't come to anyone it comes to you who are strong enough in this life time to take a hit.

It is choosing you so you can arriwe home to your endless inner wisdom.

It has been waiting for you.

To arrive to the deepest place of love and compassion.

To arrive to the places we tought where broken in us and shine the brightest light to your soul.

When we do arrive we understand that our greatest pain has become the teacher.

Now the light starts to shine again the colors are bright.

I remember

I remember

from my heart to forever to yours

xo xo wolf mama

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